BBQ Tips & Tricks

  • BBQ Tips & Tricks


1. Keep your meat in the refrigerator for as long as possible. Do not take it out until you cook it effectively.
2. Provide sufficient distance between your grid and the coal, 25 to 40cm is perfect.
3. Spread your meat in advance with oil, so you will have a protective layer BUT: drain it before baking it to avoid flames.
4. Season well before BUT wait with salt just before or after baking, otherwise it will lose too much moisture.
5. Wait until the open flames are gone and there is a layer of ash over the charcoal.
6. Do not hit the meat but use a meat stick to keep the juiciness.
7. Burn the meat well on the outside in the warm zone, leave it warm in a less hot zone, or raise the grid.
8. Regularly change your meat.
9. Never put raw meat and baked meat on the same dish or cutting board.
10. Take large pieces of meat out of the refrigerator in advance to get room temperature. After baking, let the meat rest for a while under aluminum foil.

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